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Jeremy Renner Rides Solo (Men's Journal)

Administrator Warning: The following article contains strong language.

If you want to hang at Jeremy Renner’s place, you need to follow a few simple rules. The rules are displayed in a five-by-seven picture frame atop Renner’s bar, a marble topped walnut number he installed himself, stocked with enough Bulleit to give Kentucky the year off. There are five rules in all— printed in block capitals and superimposed over one of those red no smoking circles:

Do not fuck with Ava.

No social media.

No photos.

No glass by the pool.

Nothing in JR’s butt.

Ava is Renner’s four-year-old daughter, his only child, and the center of his world. The ban on photos and social media, he says, means “I didn’t invite everybody on Snapchat or Instagram.” Glass by the pool is an obvious safety hazard. As for JR’s butt? 

“That’s a joke,” Renner says, laughing. “But also, don’t put anything in my ass. I really don’t want that.” 

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